Our Shop

Teddy Bears of Witney opened in 1985 as the first shop in the UK to specialise in selling new and old teddy bears.

Formerly an antiques shop, the double-fronted, sixteenth century Cotswold stone building provides a natural home for teddy bears. There is a lot to see including artist bears from around the world, limited editions by Steiff, Merrythought and other leading manufacturers, as well as a constantly changing selection of vintage bears and animals.



In addition to the shop, we have a free museum collection, which includes Aloysius, who starred with Anthony Andrews in Brideshead Revisited.

Our new arrival, Bristol (seen here on the left), was found in a bag at Bristol Airport in 2012. Given to his original owner in 1910, he was left at Bristol Airport’s departure lounge with his then owner.

A large appeal was launched to find his owner and 14 months later he was reunited with him. Now suffering ill health, he decided to find Bristol a new owner, one who would appreciate him and he was offered for sale at auction in Newbury in December 2015.

Ian felt that the museum in Witney would provide the perfect home for this unique bear and he now resides here at Teddy Bears.


Other than these there are many bears of lesser fame but each with its own story to tell. Many of them have inspired the Old Witney Favourites you will see in our on-line shop and may encourage you to visit us and see the originals!




It has always been a vital ingredient of the ‘TBW experience’ to have staff who know about and are sympathetic to the bears we sell.

Both Ian Pout and Janice Parr have been at Teddy Bears of Witney since we opened. Janice travels to shows in Japan, California and Germany with Ian.

Kay, already a collector of artist bears, came in 1995 and she too travels with Ian to bear shows around the world. Tracey joined the team in 2013, Julie and Yvonne in 2017.

They all love bears.