Calico Cuddles by R John Wright


Calico Cuddles is the newest edition in the Christmas Kittens collection. She has a tri-color coat made of Alpaca plush which is artfully airbrushed. Our darling kitten is soft stuffed with cotton. Her weighted paws and ball and socket head allow her to be positioned in many playful poses. She measures approximately 8″, (depending on what position she is in). Her inset German glass eyes say “Cuddle me”! A molded felt nose, inserted horse hair whiskers with longer fur inside her kitten ears complete her charming expression. In addition, molded felt foot pads add to her realistic appeal! Calico can nap comfortably on her quilted cotton flannel pillow filled with kapok and trimmed with seasonal cording, or anywhere in your home that she is allowed!

Calico is produced in a limited edition of only 250 pieces worldwide. Each kitten will come beautifully boxed with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity and the forms for owner registration.

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