Witney 2020 Bear


The Witney 2020 Bear is the fifteenth in our series of annual Witney bears. Over the years we have kept back a few bears, which we felt might one day be nice to revive. That source is now running dry but there was just one left, which we were saving for a special time. Our 35th Anniversary in 2020 is special to us and, we think, opportune for ‘Rompers’ to re-emerge. The Witney 2020 Bear is made of ultra-sparse, short pile caramel mohair with black safety eyes, a skip-stitched nose and reversed mohair paw pads. He wears striped rompers, stitched with a W (for Witney) heart-shaped patch. Softly pellet filled, the Witney 2020 Bear has a pleasing smile.


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Limited edition